Letter: Don’t Get Rid Of Tommy Cheatham

I will try and keep this short. As a longtime Wellington resident, and tennis player, I am saddened by the village deciding to bid out the Wellington Tennis Center on so many occasions.

Tennis pro Tommy Cheatham is a great asset for our community. What is the necessity to fix what is so far from broken? I can only think of another great tennis coach, Jimmy Evert, who the City of Fort Lauderdale was wise enough to leave alone and let manage the facility at Holiday Park for 50 years. It is now named for him.

I hope you can show the same wisdom, and that 30 years from now, our facility can be named for Mr. Cheatham, who works so tirelessly to make it a great place. I could go on for pages telling you about all the ways he goes above and beyond for the village, but no one disputes what a great job he does. Please do not disappoint us.

Bruce Beck, Wellington