Letter: A Meaningful Volunteer Opportunity

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I should get out of this rut and volunteer somewhere.” Today is the day to get that started.

Our organization is seeking new members. We are “Flags for the Cure.” What we are is a philanthropic organization raising money for cancer research. Our event is a huge flag football tournament that includes more than 600 participants of all ages… but wait! There’s more! Don’t move on to the next letter just yet. I promise you — absolutely promise you — you don’t need to know one single thing about football or even like football to have a great time while helping fight cancer!

Our ninth annual event concluded in early January. The support our participants and sponsors gave the American Cancer Society was in the amount of $26,000. In our nine years, we have donated a total of $196,000 to cancer-fighting charities. You can be part of the excitement as we surpass the $200,000 level!

We are very much a grassroots organization that values working together, making a difference in our local community and having a lot of fun. Most of our current board members have been putting on a great event for nine years running. Since we are dedicated to keeping our momentum going strong, we are seeking new board members to complement our talents.

A new member would benefit from our prior experience. However, every member of our board knows that there would be tremendous benefit realized by adding new members with new ideas and new energy. We are sincerely hoping you are interested in learning more about us. You have nothing to lose, right?

Here’s a broad outline of our schedule… Monthly meetings are in the evenings from April through November. There are two or three meetings in December, and, of course, more meetings as things heat up just before the event. We hold the event at Acreage Community Park. The five-day event is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 4 through Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017. Hours of the event generally run from 5 to 11 p.m. on weekdays, all day Saturday, and a partial day Sunday.

Any interested volunteers are encouraged to contact us. We welcome your questions if this sounds like this is just what you have been looking for. All you need to make a difference is a helping heart, a bit of time and the desire to make this event memorable to all who attend.

Please don’t let this limited list prevent you from contacting us, but here are a few positions we hope to add or fill: web design, social media outreach, accounting, sponsorship development, raffles and ceremony planning.

We can be found on the web at www.flagsforthecure.com. Our e-mail address is flagsforthecure@gmail.com. We hope to hear from you!

Mike Chase, Flags for the Cure, The Acreage