Cancer Kids Going To Rapids Water Park

Children battling cancer lose out on many activities other kids get to do because of chemotherapy, hospitalizations and immune suppression. In honor of their strength and bravery, Wellington sixth-grader Jaidyn Brody wanted to provide a day of fun for the kids and contacted Bryan Megrath, general manager of Rapids Water Park in Riviera Beach to seek his support.

Brody has been actively involved in supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and the Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST). She is an active advocate for cancer patients in the community.

In response to Brody’s request, Rapids Water Park has created a wave of love that has swept the local child cancer community off its feet. They did this by inviting 20 children fighting various blood cancers, along with their families, to spend a day at the park on Saturday, June 25.

“These kids miss out on so much that going to Rapids Water Park is a milestone for them,” POST CEO Dr. Barbara Abernathy said. “For these kids to even go to a water park, they have to check with their oncologist to make sure that it does not conflict with treatment, get medical clearance that they are physically up to it and they have to bring all their meds with them.”

POST is grateful to have partnered with Rapids Water Park to bring families together for this special event.

The Pediatric Oncology Support Team is a local nonprofit dedicated to helping local children and their families in dealing with cancer. POST provides free comprehensive, supportive services within the hospital setting, usually the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center and the Children’s Hospital at Palms West Hospital. For more info., visit