Polo Park Students Inducted Into NJHS

On May 23, the Polo Park Middle School National Junior Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony. The evening included 67 new inductees, the largest class in the history of the school.

The ceremony was led by current President Lindsey Miller, Vice President Caroline Scott, Treasurer Alexa Anderson, Secretary Mouray Hutchinson, and historians Leanne Haggerty and Dakota Brisco. Principal Ann Clark and NJHS faculty sponsors Craig Kaliser and Kathleen Corsentino also spoke during the event.

“We are really proud of all the accomplishments from this year’s group, but also really excited to see what we can do next year with such an amazing new class,” Kaliser said. “With so many students in NJHS next year, the sky is the limit with the amount of service and contributions we can have in the community.”

Students qualify for honor society by having a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or above with all excellent conduct marks. They then must submit an application packet with all of their achievements and be approved by a board made up of faculty members.

The evening concluded with all of the new inductees taking the honor society pledge and then celebrating with their families and friends over cake and cookies.