Arlene Sherman Helps Her Patients Take Control Of Their Lives

By Jason Stromberg

Hypnotherapist Arlene Sherman of Breakthrough Hypnosis enjoys being able to help her clients feel better about themselves, helping them take more control of their lives.

Since starting her professionally certified hypnotherapist career in 1998, Sherman has heard the words “thank you” many times. To this day, nothing makes her happier.

What “thank you” means to Sherman is that she is doing her job well.

“The business itself is about showing people that they have a little bit more control than they previously thought,” Sherman said. “There is no question anymore that there is a mind-body connection, so hypnosis is a way of getting an idea into your mind, and it shows you how to use the transforming power within yourself to do those things that you wish to accomplish.”

Sherman’s introduction to hypnotherapy was as a client. That’s how she got into the field. She was having medical and stress-related health issues when, much to her surprise, hypnotherapy helped her out so tremendously that she wanted nothing more than to use it to help other people.

“Hypnosis took care of my issue,” Sherman said. “It was astounding to me that the illness that I was suffering from was helped by hypnosis. It was so astonishing to me that I took the required courses, and I never looked back.”

Hypnotherapy appeals to Sherman because it is drug-free, and the results are immediate.

“You can achieve the benefits that you wish to accomplish,” Sherman said. “Hypnosis works because it is the very unusual combination of deep relaxation and very focused concentration. It sounds impossible, but that is what it is. It is possible.”

According to Sherman, the American Medical Association recognizes hypnosis as a safe and legitimate approach to some psychological and medical problems. Sherman encourages those seeking help to read the testimonials on her web site at Those suffering from addiction can read more about that through her two books, The Real Dope On Addiction and Recovery and I Am Your Recovery Coach, which can be found at

“These two books are based on years of personal experience in the addiction field, and these are original techniques that have been developed,” Sherman explained.

Practicing hypnotherapy gives Sherman the ability to guide people into the things that they wish and hope will make their lives better.

“That’s kind of it in a nutshell,” she said. “It is a great privilege to guide people through weight loss, overeating, smoking cessation, confidence-building, medical issues, emotional and psychological challenges, as well as people with addictions to enjoy pain-free, addiction-free and stress-free lives.”

Sherman always believes that she can help solve a problem, find the solution and make her clients feel better.

“I’m always here to help,” Sherman said. “My goal is to show my clients the way to focus their concentration and use the transforming power of their minds to overcome the issues that they present to me.”

When it comes to hypnosis, Sherman compares it to being in a daydream.

“We can compare it to being in a daydream because in a daydream you know where you are, but your environment is muted,” she said. “That’s hypnosis.”

Sherman uses hypnotic methods to help her clients.

“I guide them through a progressive relaxation, and during that experience, they become very relaxed because they are focused on my words and my voice,” she said.

Hypnosis offers an opportunity to get out of your own way. That’s how Sherman puts it to her clients. It is important for each client to be a good listener.

“Learning how to use the transforming power of your mind to overcome stress and so many other issues and be more at peace, that would be wonderful, wouldn’t you agree?” Sherman said. “That is what hypnosis can help you achieve.”

Sherman’s office is in the Lake Wellington Professional Centre at 12161 Ken Adams Way in Wellington. For information on a free consultation, call (561) 793-3393, e-mail or visit


ABOVE: Hypnotherapist Arlene Sherman in her Wellington office.