Letter: Protect The Public, Not Special Interests

Comprehensive plan policies are official public consensus on growth and taxes for public services like infrastructure of roads, schools, libraries, fire-rescue, law enforcement, parks and recreation, etc.

But people elected to defend the public defy official public consensus and, using schools as bait, want county taxpayers to give them billions for the current infrastructure deficit?

If there is a deficit for existing infrastructure, why did politicians exceed public and state enclave population/tax limits to overdevelop thousands of acres of vacant land for politically connected Minto/Westlake? Why did a candidate for the Indian Trail Improvement District back down on official opposition to Minto’s bad legal precedent and oppose legal defense of public consensus?

Taxpayers and voters can fire public officials who cave to lobbyists on Aug. 30 and vote ‘no’ on $2.7 billion more misspent tax dollars (the 7 percent sales tax) on Nov. 8. That way, taxpayers, consumers and businesses can keep more of their own money with the current 6 percent sales tax and still pay for schools, public services and county growth as planned. Browardization can wait.

Please elect Betty Argue and Gary Dunkley to represent the Indian Trail Improvement District and support 1,000 Friends of Florida.

Rita Miller, The Acreage


  1. Palm Beach County Commissioners and the School Board are dominated by one political party. Their neglect of basic infrastructure has brought about this debacle in Palm Beach County.

    A balanced approach is best.

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