Equestrian Aid Foundation Helps Meribeth White

A common phrase throughout the professional world is, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” However, in today’s world, this seems to be the exception, not the rule. Many people do not love what they do, but when you find someone who does love their job, you can feel the passion. Meribeth White was one of those few people.

White was a successful career groom and barn manager. She became a familiar face among the hunter-jumper circuit’s elite riders and professionals. White was where she dreamed of being and never wanted to leave.

However, her career came to an abrupt halt in 2014 when she went to the hospital for a routine back surgery and the operation took a horrible turn and left her with severe and life-changing physical and neurological damage. Being a barn groom is physically demanding, and her dream of never leaving ended in the blink of an eye.

This devastating news was both emotionally and financially difficult for White. Not only could she not return to the work she loved, but the cost of several surgeries and intensive therapy was getting to be overwhelming. However, the farm that she worked at and loved is managed by a member of the Equestrian Aid Foundation.

White applied for and got accepted for assistance through the EAF, and although she has a long recovery path, the Equestrian Aid Foundation is there by her side to cheer her on.

To learn more about the EAF, visit www.equestrianaidfoundation.org.

ABOVE: Meribeth White