Letter: Time To Clean Up The Groves

I respectfully resigned from the town’s ULDC because I will be more effective as a free-speaking resident. Here are some concerns I would like to repeat:

The Loxahatchee Groves Town Council says they do not want to become Wellington — don’t worry. Wellington has provided trails and many amenities to its residents. Wellington takes pride in making sure its roadways and community are clean from discarded garbage. Wellington properly maintains its canals and trails. Wellington has made the Acme Improvement District dependent, putting an end to fighting entities that cannot get anything positive accomplished. Don’t worry, we are nothing like Wellington. As I drove to a funeral down off Dixie, I noticed that our town looks more like that area — dirty, unkempt and impoverished.

Now this council, which I will repeat, has members still under investigation by several state law enforcement agencies and entities, wants to put our town in debt with stackable bond bills, and get rid of our canal system. What about all the taxpayers’ many dollars for all the surveys and engineering reports for the “trail system and LGWCD maintenance easement,” which we are promised every election since before I’ve moved to the Groves in 1989?

Stop the madness, show us that you can simply clean and maintain our canals and roadways, show some pride in our town and stop wasting our money on your political projects. Why are you worried about $100,000-plus new manufactured homes coming in and devaluing our property values when our town, public roadways, public plaza, post office and the general condition of our town is embarrassing?

You, our town council, should all be ashamed, especially those who brag about being in power between the LGWCD and town council for many years — too many years, if you ask me.

No bonds, no filling in canals, stop spending on other than general maintenance, especially until the election scandal of 2015 is put to bed and all councilmen involved are convicted or cleared of all charges. I don’t want corrupt officials making these big financial decisions for me or my town. The people of Loxahatchee Groves have spoken in the last three elections; we want change. The GOBC (Good Old Boys Club) rule is over, and we are not done changing the seats of this council or the LGWCD board with residents who care for the future of this town more than their political antics for personal gain.

Final thought: we could have had county water and sewer down B Road all the way to North Road if we had a council with vision and knew how to negotiate for us with the Publix plaza and tax exempt college.

Remember the mantra of our Loxahatchee Groves council and LGWCD: “It looks so nice cause we pay for it twice.”

Phillis Maniglia, Loxahatchee Groves


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