Letter: Kudos To Wellington For Helping Elderly

Too often, acts of kindness are performed, and then like an anonymous benefactor, slip away into the shadows of time. Too often these acts go unacknowledged. My wife and I have lived in Wellington nearly 30 years, and we have certainly benefited from the kindness of folks here.

Most recently was our brush with Hurricane Matthew. As the storm approached, we received a call from Wellington, letting us know that we had not been forgotten, and if the storm was projected to hit Wellington, a team would be dispatched to help us put up our storm shutters. Matthew did threaten, and as promised, two young men (their names were Dean and Luis) appeared at our home prepared to help. They were polite, efficient and speedy, getting all of our shutters up in about an hour. They asked for no payment, and they told us to expect to be contacted after the storm, for help removing and storing the shutters.

We go through life often encountering folks who are short-tempered or rude. Too infrequently do we cross paths with municipal office persons who prove to be reliable, efficient and downright pleasant. We had the good fortune to encounter pre-storm folks who were enthusiastic, and the two young men who came to our aid to actually install our shutters. So we thank Wellington and all its helpers for the help we received before Matthew arrived.

For the record, Wellington was prepared to help us take down those shutters, but within one day, we found that our neighbors were prepared to take every shutter down and store them for us. How about that?

Robert Galt, Wellington