Wellington Nonprofit JustWorld International Launches New Web Site

The Wellington-based nonprofit JustWorld International has launched an updated web site with a fresh look and modern feel to better communicate how the organization is making a difference in the lives of children through its partner projects.

JustWorld redesigned its web site to feature tools that give supporters and new visitors a platform to easily navigate exactly what JustWorld does and its powerful impact through its partner projects.

“We want to provide visitors an easy way to learn about our projects, events and opportunities to get involved, but most importantly how you can give and help support thousands of children benefiting from our programs,” founder and Executive Director Jessica Newman said.

JustWorld hopes that supporters will be able to better share its mission with their networks and inspire others to join them.

Primarily through the international equestrian community, JustWorld supports basic education, nutrition, health/hygiene and cultural development programs for children in impoverished communities in Cambodia, Guatemala and Honduras. Besides helping more than 6,500 children receive essential needs, JustWorld provides an opportunity for equestrians and individuals to experience and contribute to a global campaign against poverty. Visit www.justworldinternational.org to learn more.