Letter: We Need Unity In Our Community

Regarding the recent string of attacks on Muslims and other minorities by individuals and groups that are motivated by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, first, there was the incident which occurred on Military Trail in West Palm Beach, where a white male approached an African-American, spit in his face and said, “We Won” using the N-word.

In New York recently, a businessman was arrested for kicking a female Delta Airlines employee when kneeling in mock prayer and telling her that Donald Trump is now president and he is going to send “all you people (Muslims) home.”

On Saturday, Jan. 28, a mosque was burned to the ground in Texas. Also recently, a judge in Tallahassee was quoted as saying all African-Americans should be shipped back to Africa.

These are not isolated incidents. In fact, they are happening with alarming regularity. So, I call upon all concerned to stop this despicable behavior before it gets out of control.

Bigotry and racism have no place in a civilized society and should be condemned by all.

What we need is unity in our community. If we don’t want to love each other like brothers and sisters, then the least we should do is be kind and respectful of each other.

Let’s live in harmony; life is short.

Whenever there is a mass shooting, hurricane disaster, 9/11 or even the Race for the Cure, we all seem to come together in solidarity.

Why can’t we do this on a permanent basis?

Regarding these racist attacks being unleashed on Muslims today, who will be next? Mexicans? African Americans? Jews? Gays? Native Americans?

Newsflash America: We are all God’s children. We are also all immigrants, one way or another.

Karl Witter, The Acreage


  1. Karl what a bunch of false lies. You really need to check your resources, you have totally gone over the edge on this.

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