Letter: GOP Plan Protects The Rich

Insurance companies originated to make money by providing coverage to all citizens who were not rich. However, the GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan offers better access but falsely, because you still can get your own insurance directly. Insurance companies control the premiums, not Obamacare, and so people use the exchanges to get a better deal. Currently, all states can have any insurance company they want on their exchanges. However, GOP states refused to allow insurance companies in or the insurance companies themselves refuse to sell in certain states. This is politics, not Obamacare!

The GOP can fix this and mandate all insurance businesses to provide service to all Americans. Obamacare was always intended to be the initial groundwork to build on and improve coverage for all. By repealing Obamacare, the insurance companies will again re-engage in unrestricted price gouging and denial of vital medical treatment. Everyone but the rich would be devastated again.

However, most rich people don’t need or buy insurance, and always get the very best treatment ever, hands down! So why did the GOP medical insurance plan give the rich huge tax breaks? Can we expect the rich to get tax breaks in every GOP bill? Don’t be so gullible. Just look at how well states with Obamacare are doing providing decent medical care to our fellow Americans compared to GOP states that refused patient protection and affordability to their taxpayers. Facts matter!

Jude Smallwood, The Acreage