Letter: The ‘Preserve’ Is Not A Preserve

In 1999, the Equestrian Overlay Zoning District was unveiled to help protect the equestrian element of Wellington. This covered approximately 11 square miles, mostly south of Pierson Road. The misconception that our farms are publicly owned has been perpetuated by slogans such as “Preserve the Preserve.” Our privately owned properties are not in a state or national park. This is harmful to the farm owners who have invested millions in acreage and is misleading to the taxpaying voters of Wellington into thinking our properties are under their sacred protection.

In order for our show venues to modify and change with the times, it is necessary to amend the comprehensive plan to better promote and serve competitors and spectators. Allowing the International Polo Club, which is on the outskirts of Wellington proper, to be removed from the overlay district is a progressive, forward-thinking move.

The detractors remind me of the 1950s mindset and that is not what is needed in our community. What would help is removing the word “preserve” from any and all village governing entities and hopefully educate the citizens about it.

Gaye Scarpa, Wellington

Editor’s note: Ms. Scarpa is past president and vice president of Southfields of Palm Beach Polo & Country Club.