Equestrian Aid Foundation Starts ‘Show You Care’ Push

The Equestrian Aid Foundation recently announced its new horse show program, “Show You Care.” EAF provides financial assistance to members of the horse community who suffer from catastrophic illness and injury, and the organization is reaching out to horse show managers across the country to help with their mission.

“Linda Andrisani, a well-respected U.S. Equestrian ‘R’ judge, and other foundation board members, convinced us to launch this horse show program,” said Louise Smith, executive director of the Equestrian Aid Foundation. “The concept is aligned with our goals to spread awareness of the organization, gain support and help more horse people in need.”

Andrisani faced the unknown when she and her partner, Jack Stedding, had to downsize their top show hunter business due to illness. “The EAF came in and supplemented the loss of my income and helped me get back on my feet,” Andrisani said. “I had never really been aware of the depth of the work that they did for so many horse people.”

The Show You Care program is a simple and impactful way for horse show managers to support the Equestrian Aid Foundation’s mission of helping critically ill and injured horse people — from riders and grooms to judges and ground crew — the very people who populate show grounds day after day.

How does it work? Show managers designate a warmup or schooling class in the hunter and jumper divisions as a “Show You Care” class. Then the managers choose a percentage of each entry fee, from 5 to 50 percent, per designated class to donate to the Equestrian Aid Foundation at the end of the show. All donations are tax-deductible. Show managers control the depth of their contribution by their selection of the classes and the percentage of contribution. Caring about seriously injured or ill members of the equestrian community is a great message for show managers to send, and the Equestrian Aid Foundation will promote their support.

Upon completing their rounds in the “Show You Care” class, competitors will receive a green lapel ribbon, provided by EAF. Riders are encouraged to wear their ribbons throughout the show and share their photos on social media with the hashtags #ShowYouCare and #EquestrianAidFoundation. Winners of a monthly social media photo contest will win a prize. Show managers can sign up now for the 2017 summer and fall horse shows. Contact Emily Cleland at emily@equestrianaid.org for more info.

ABOVE: Linda Andrisani