Letter: Council Should Listen To Voters

Kudos to Matt Willhite for his May 5 letter opposing development of the Equestrian Preserve Area (Keep Condo-Hotels Out Of Preserve Area). The voters have already spoken. Does Mark Bellissimo think he has a better shot with this new council? (Check out his campaign contributions.) When folks like Mr. Willhite, John Greene and Bob Margolis served, residents felt listened to. You didn’t have to be part of the 10 percent in the community who were equestrians. Mr. Bellissimo spoke to seniors recently stating “we need more people to visit Wellington” and that “traffic would be minimal” or words to that effect. I guess in his alternate universe, more people does not equal more traffic. I see he will be speaking to the Wellington chamber. I hope, in fairness, the other side gets to present this time, since the seniors only heard his side of the story. I don’t diminish the impact equestrians have made for Wellington, but we need some balance. We don’t need hotels and condos to line someone’s pockets. Listen to the voters, Wellington Village Council.

Pat Keeler, Wellington