Forgotten Mom Helps Moms Struggling With Addiction And Mental Illness

Forgotten Mom, a nonprofit organization, recently announced the launch of its Forgotten Mom initiative, created to raise awareness and resources for the millions of mothers, children and families who are struggling with the disease of addiction without resources or support.

Forgotten Mom recognizes that a healthy mother figure is the foundation for a family, community and society. To that end, the Forgotten Mom initiative is aligning families in crisis with the lifesaving funding, services and support they need, including treatment, aftercare, family support, education and more.

Recent stories on the dramatically underserved population of pregnant mothers struggling with addiction elevated the awareness of the issue and identified several of the organizations making a difference. Forgotten Mom immediately expedited its efforts and began aligning with local resources willing to lend a hand, creating the framework for the support initiative that is being expanded nationwide.

As Forgotten Mom continues to serve this population, a larger bank of programs and support are desperately needed to provide critical resources to empower mothers with the tools necessary to embark on a journey toward recovery.

Forgotten Mom is taking a grassroots approach to help shape a more functional family unit by connecting mothers in need with wellness partners, such as addiction treatment centers, social workers, family counseling and more.

Current efforts to raise awareness for Forgotten Mom and its network of services and service providers include a celebrity golf charity event set for Saturday, June 17 at Wellington National Golf Club, as well as the #HugAMom hashtag on social media.

The golf event was created to raise awareness for the cause and establish a funding resource for the nonprofit’s scholarship work with families. More information can be found at

#HugAMom is a growing social media movement created by Forgotten Mom to recognize and celebrate mothers everywhere. The #HugAMom movement is simple: go out, find a mom who deserves a hug and give her one. Take a picture, shoot a video and be sure to use the hashtag #HugAMom.

Forgotten Mom is also building momentum as the premier sponsor of Darren Kavinoky’s Run Across America. The Forgotten Mom team has aligned with Kavinoky to support his incredible journey and bring awareness to the conditions impacting moms and families across the country.

For more information on Forgotten Mom and the nonprofit’s commitment to helping mothers and families everywhere, visit