Letter: The Truth About Climate Change

Kudos on your opinion piece “Withdrawing From The Paris Agreement Is A Step Backward” in the June 9 edition of the Town-Crier.

As your staff knows, I am a professor of environmental chemistry at Florida Atlantic University and, as such, I see and review the hard basic data being collected on climate change. That is, I don’t rely on the hyperbole either pro or con on the issue. What the naysayers do not know or, if they know, they deny is that not since the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) has the rate of climatic temperature increase been as sharply positive as it has been since about 20 years following the industrial revolution. By the way, the PETM event was due to huge releases of methane (aka, natural gas) from methane hydrates in the continental slopes around the world and was most likely caused by tectonic activity. Thus, it is the rate on the change in the change (second derivative math) that proves that “we” did it. I am, therefore, more than appalled by our so-called (his words) president taking it upon himself to tell the rest of the world that science is wrong and he is right. He knows nothing but how to make money in real estate, certainly nothing about presidential decorum and how to treat allies.

I also note that you correctly pointed out that Florida is one of the states not taking proactive measures to combat climate change. This, of course, is due to Gov. Rick Scott, who not only adores President Trump, but forbade state agencies from using the term “climate change.” I hope that your readers remember this when Scott runs against U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. A vote for Nelson will help keep Florida “Scott-free.”

Dr. Bill Louda, Loxahatchee Groves