Royal Palm Beach Senior Expo Returns July 21

Program Supervisor Jeannine Delgardio with her mother Helen Berg at last year’s Royal Palm Beach Senior Expo.


Royal Palm Beach will host its annual Senior Expo on Friday, July 21 at the Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center. The event will run from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. and is free for anyone to attend.

The event will feature a variety of vendor booths, demonstrations and lectures on topics related to senior living and care. The event gives senior citizens the opportunity to connect with local resources and find information on a wide range of topics.

Companies and demonstrators will be present to give advice and information on things such as healthcare, insurance, different pharmacies, emergency services and the 2-1-1 help line.

“It’ll be set up in the auditorium, which is a big, open room. We’ll have different booths and different vendors that people can visit,” Program Supervisor Jeannine Delgardio said.

Health screenings and live demonstrations will also be available throughout the venue to give visitors a hands-on experience.

The expo focuses on all points relevant to senior living, including recreational activities, such as travel, exercise and real estate.

The Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center will have its own booth at the expo, which will highlight senior events going on there throughout the year, so seniors can find a way to stay involved and engaged in the community. The facility offers activities such as art classes and yoga that are open to seniors.

“We’ll have a booth so people can see what we’ve got going on right here and see what we’re all about,” Delgardio said.

The building will go through a major expansion and renovation in the near future, which will allow for even more senior-related services.

The expo focuses on informing local seniors of their options and directing them to useful resources that will aid them in every aspect of their lives.

“It’s very important because the seniors and their family members need to know what’s out there,” Delgardio said. “From different types of insurances to all the senior living services that are out there, people will find a lot of valuable information at the Royal Palm Beach Senior Expo.”

Free raffle giveaways, a door prize and entertainment are also planned for the event.

While the expo is directed toward the needs and care of older people in the community, Delgardio said they aren’t the only ones who will find useful information there. “Caregivers and family members can benefit as well,” she said. “It’s important information.”

Previous years have drawn large crowds and positive responses from members of the community, and this year is expected to be no different.

“Every year we get new people on board, and have new lectures and new screenings,” Delgardio said. “We want people to learn how important it is to do certain things for their health.”

For more information about the Royal Palm Beach Senior Expo, call the Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center at (561) 790-5149 or visit

ABOVE: Program Supervisor Jeannine Delgardio with her mother Helen Berg at last year’s Royal Palm Beach Senior Expo.