Letter: Leave Fireworks To The Pros

I write this letter on this sunny Fourth of July afternoon. I anticipate with dread the torturous night ahead for my dogs. Year after year, the yahoos explode their fireworks well past midnight while my rescue dogs shiver and shake with panic at each distant pop. There is no consoling them.

It irks me that law enforcement turns a blind eye toward those who ignore the laws prohibiting the personal use of exploding fireworks. It’s also ridiculous that fireworks are openly marketed to the general public all over Palm Beach County under the auspices that they are to be used only to scare away birds from crops. How ridiculous is that? Here in Wellington, residents are routinely cited if they paint their mailbox the wrong color or allow their sidewalk to mildew. Yet, our local sheriff totally ignores the illegal use of fireworks. The only folks who seem to be shielded from the war zone are those in the elite equestrian communities.

Wellington always posts huge A-frame signs warning against the use of fireworks in equestrian developments. In my opinion, such warning signs should be posted throughout the entire Village of Wellington to ensure that this same consideration is extended to all households with animals. Most municipalities offer free fireworks displays in designated public areas. I’m sick and tired of thoughtless people and selective law enforcement.

Elliott Krakow, Wellington