Deb Burggraaf Wins Fourth Silver Medal

Deb Burggraaf with her fourth FAPA silver medal.

Local author Deb Burggraaf is pleased to announce that her book, The Lovebug Connection, was recently awarded a silver medal at the FAPA President’s Book Awards in Orlando on Saturday, Aug. 5 for best Florida children’s book in the category for children under age seven.

This is Burggraaf’s fourth silver medal, following her Flutternutter and The Noodle Club books.

More information about the award, and Burggraaf’s current books, is available at and

Coming out this fall, Burggraaf will be sharing a 36-chapter novel, Blue Night Crawlers.

This historical fiction is set in Dixon, Ill., and is about a young girl, Abilene, who ventures out collecting night crawlers to earn enough money to crochet a baby’s blanket. However, she faces the unruly events of Mother Nature herself with her attempt to collect these slimy earthworms. As she pursues her goals, Abilene begins to question her own teenage values and worthiness. She realizes that her decisions have not always been the best solutions to the problems at hand.

Often, she turns to Taylor, her longtime neighborhood friend and learns he just might be more to her than a school buddy who lends a hand around the horse paddock. Abilene has always loved Blue, her Black Roan horse, the most. Yet she learns how to open her heart and mind and begins to trust others, developing her friendship with Taylor that indeed, may last a lifetime.