Letter: E Pluribus Unum: Out Of Many, One

Male, female, other, etc.; white, black, red, yellow, green, other, etc.;

Caucasian-American, African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, Alien-American, Other, etc.;

Straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, questioning, curious, other, etc.;

Short, medium, tall, other, etc.; religious, agnostic, atheistic, humanist, pastafarian, other, etc.;

Democrat, Republican, independent, other, etc.;

Educated, illiterate, other, etc.;

Conservative, liberal, right, left, center, other, etc.

If you fit into any one of these categories, you should be outraged at a president having lost all morality (if he ever had any). At this time this “Noble Experiment” that we call the United States of America is under siege. Never before have we had a leader whose moral compass falls so far short of basic human instincts that the democracy is in danger.

Presidents in the past have made grave mistakes, but the union survived. Will it now survive? People need to stand up and be counted, take a stand against a man who is more concerned about his own image than what is good for the USA. People who fit into any of the above categories need to put differing opinions aside and call out, by name, the outrageous behavior of the “Leader of the Free World.” President Trump is morally unfit to lead a nation whose very essence is diversity, that has led the world as a moral leader, a moral compass for the world. Unlike other nations, who have much more homogeneous populations, we are a nation built on the diversity of our people — it is what makes us who we are as a nation.

What happened in Virginia this month was an outrage, and what made it worse is a president who has no morals. This should have been a unifying time, a time when a leader steps up and brings us all together, puts the good against the bad. That didn’t happen. Our leader took the side of the Nazis, white supremacists, Klan members and other racists.

We, as a country, and as part of a large group of countries, fought a war against Nazis, a war in which many, many millions lost their lives. You cannot be an American and a Nazi, it is anathema to everything we, as a country and as a diverse group of people, believe in.

To our elected leaders: Please, please, stand up, forget politics, provide the moral leadership this country and the world needs. Go against President Trump and his misguided idea of morality and moral equivalents.

Andrew Rosen, Wellington