Letter: Equine Eco Green: An Overlooked Solution

On July 5, the Wellington Equestrian Preserve Committee held a meeting concerning management of equine waste and the continuing economic vitality of equestrian activities — these are issues inextricably linked. Equine Eco Green has worked with the Village of Wellington, Palm Beach County, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs. We invited these stakeholders to tour our plant in Paris, Ky. We welcome other concerned parties, including Palm Beach County farmers. A visitation will answer all questions and prove there is a solution.

If equine waste cannot be sustainably managed, then the continuing health and growth of the equestrian community in Wellington and Palm Beach County is at risk. Comprehensive equine waste solutions have been sought for 17 years. Joseph Scarpa testified he had conducted extensive studies, but found no viable solution. With all due respect, Mr. Scarpa is wrong. Significantly, Mr. Scarpa did not analyze Equine Eco Green, or even contact the company. Equine Eco Green is a patented, proven and viable solution. Notably, Equine Eco Green is not Green Scene Agritek (the company and process presented last year in conjunction with Horizon). Despite our process and products being dramatically different, we have repeatedly been mistaken for their system.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with government agencies and concerned citizens. Economic and environmental viability of Wellington equestrian activities are at risk; Equine Eco Green is the solution.

Shelly Townsend, CEO Equine Eco Green, Paris, Ky.