Engineer Creates Bottle Warmer For Families On The Go

Eric Schwartz’s Liquid LittleWunz Bottle Warmer is a reusable, safe and convenient way to heat baby bottles of varying sizes on the go, which is perfect for active families.

A Jupiter engineer has created a method to more efficiently heat multi-size baby bottles for families on the go.

After using various insulated packs, Koozie-style baby bottle warmers or those using snaps or Velcro for his twin boys, Eric Schwartz decided that better technology, using a more efficient heat transfer system, was needed.

His patented Liquid LittleWunz Bottle Warmer uses straps to firmly tighten around any size bottle, then when a metal disc is pressed, a liquid solution travels through the bottle warmer, heating it up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and hardens.

It will not heat the contents to that level, but with its heat transfer efficiency, allowing no air or space for heat to escape, the bottle will heat faster and warmer than other methods. The product is reusable by boiling it in water.

“Our twin boys are now five years old, and we have a new infant.” Schwartz said. “This warmer allows us the freedom to enjoy life and the outdoors and not have to be at home, because of the baby.”

The LittleWunz baby bottle warmer is priced at $19.99, comparable to other types of warmers. It is available through or through Amazon.

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