Kelsey Brannock Bikes From N.Y. To Wellington

Kelsey Brannock

Kelsey Brannock, born and raised in West Palm Beach, graduated in June from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a master’s degree in art therapy. A Florida State University graduate, Brannock spent three years in the Philippines doing social work with the Peace Corps.

Her current adventure was bicycling from New York to her home in Wellington.

The East Coast Greenway, which spans 3,000 miles from Calais, Maine, all the way to down to Key West, is a well-known route to cyclists and long-distance trail enthusiasts.

On Wednesday, Aug. 2, Brannock reached her home, having crossed 10 states, stayed in 25 cities and traveled about 1,500 miles. She decided to continue her ride all the way down to Key West, where she celebrated her 30th birthday on Aug. 12. She biked a total of 1,700 miles.

The biggest takeaway from her journey? The kindness she received from strangers. Brannock was warmly welcomed into the homes of strangers, using apps like Couch Surfers and Warm Showers, and taking advantage of the tight-knit cyclist community.