Florida Leadership Organization Expands Programs

Student ACES, a Florida-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing leadership opportunities for high school students, recently announced that it has expanded its program offerings. The organization focuses on inspiring, training and mentoring a community of students who exemplify leadership traits in athletics, community service and education. Student ACES will now be offering three programs to high school students during the 2017-18 school year:

Student ACES Year-Long Program — The organization will accept 400 students into the ACE year-long program, which is offered in Palm Beach and Broward counties. This program is provided to students from public and private high schools and consists of six classes and a community project. Student ACES is expanding its program from the current offering at FAU Boca Raton to three locations: FAU Boca Raton, FAU Jupiter and the Glades.

Captain’s Summits — The organization will train and certify more than 2,500 potential team captains. Captain’s training is designed specifically for high school athletic captains to learn leadership skills, techniques and life lessons that will enable them to lead each of their teams on and off the field.

Leadership Workshops — Student ACES will certify and train more than 1,500 students in one-day leadership workshops. These workshops are developed for athletes who are interested in learning and applying leadership techniques. Workshops allow Student ACES to partner with schools, universities, training facilities, camps and individual teams to address the specific needs of each organization, such as sportsmanship, team chemistry, overcoming adversity and developing a winning attitude.

Student ACES was founded to create a unique pathway for deserving high school student athletes in order to achieve the highest standards of leadership by instilling core values.

The inspiration for Student ACES is derived from a deep desire to see every student achieve a foundation of successful leadership that will permanently generate positive outcomes in their lives and for the next generation. For more information, visit www.studentacesforleadership.com.