Letter: Protect Us From Robocalls!

Columnist Leonard Wechsler’s recent article “Stop Robocalls by Making the Companies Pay Us for Them!” (Sept. 8) was right on the mark. Robocalls are more and more frequent and annoying; they must be stopped. I’ve written to senators [Bill] Nelson and [Marco] Rubio asking them what can be done. I suggested that instead of us having to opt out by signing up with the state and federal “do not call” lists (which appear to be worthless), that robocalls can be made only to those people who opt in to receive them. Our lives should not be disrupted by calls all day long, most of which are scams. Some of these robocalls even leave messages! So, thank you Mr. Wechsler for your suggestion that the callers pay us. I love it!

Judith Kohler, Royal Palm Beach