Let’s Play Some Statistical Catch-Up


Did you now that one in five teenagers has a hearing loss? On the subject of hearing, did you know that in the 15 years, from 2000 to 2015, overall hearing loss in America doubled… or that buzzing in ears (tinnitus) is estimated to affect some 10 percent of all Americans? Also, it is estimated that hearing loss is the second most prevalent health issue in the world?

More interesting statistics… almost 70 million Americans have a form of arthritis or chronic joint problems? Were you aware that 50 percent of knee replacement patients are younger than 65? Or that 63 percent of knee replacements were performed on women in 2008? Or that if you are 45 or over, the average length of a hospital stay after hip replacement is just four days?

In the dental world, are you concerned that some 78 percent of Americans will have a cavity by 17? Concerning, also, is the stat that almost 75 percent of American adults suffer from gum disease and don’t know it. Also, did you know that 60 percent of people with oral cancer survive for five years?

Amazingly, about $1.4 billion is spent yearly on teeth whitening products? Some 80 percent of adults say they expect to see a dentist every year, but only about 37 percent do.

And the records show more than four million people in the United States wear braces, and 25 percent are adults. Lastly, 59 percent of Americans avoid for cost reasons… the figure is 22 percent out of fear!