Letter: Beware Nazi Goons Seeking Attention

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “Tom Euell Responds To Nielsen & Rosen” by Thomas Euell, published last week.

There is the term “inciting to riot,” which comes to mind, which apparently does not come to a person of obviously limited capacity to understand a complex world, not unlike our alleged president.

The conduct of the Alt Right can only be described as reprehensible, and they may succeed because good men are doing nothing. I can remember the “crystal night,” which again you have no memory of, when the demonizing of Jews occurred, and now we have a new breed of Nazi goons becoming aggressive, wearing Swastikas, acting the bully, saluting Nazi-style, trying to provoke anyone to get in the paper, and supported by the Great Divider, who is pretending to be president.

The Divider in Chief draws his power from the people who hate other people and amount to about 30 percent of those who do not like people of color, or anyone not Anglo Saxon, which includes Italians, Greeks and all of Asia.

You quote the First Amendment but only to manipulate it. You really don’t believe others have a right to it unless they are Alt Right in their thinking. I was going to say conservative, but I was a fan of William F. Buckley and his views are nothing like yours. When the same kind of Nazi held a rally in Madison Square Garden, we discovered we didn’t accept it then, and after all of our sacrifices, we don’t accept it now!

The Nazi hate-filled goons who came to Charlottesville came not in peace, but to provoke a reaction to their “cause,” they wanted press, and with the support of Mr. Trump, they got it! If they were not there to make trouble, why raise their arms in the Nazi salute, a salute that many Americans and their families gave their lives defeating? People of color deserve the same respect you get, as many gave up their lives to for our country.

Ironic, that two presidents, one a Democrat and one a Republican, and both elected to two terms, have denounced his message of hate, which you seem to embrace.

About your Social Security check, why does there have to be conditions? We paid out of every check, the program was never free, and the reason I brought it up was to show that some progressive programs are good, but if you object, why not stop supporting a socialistic-inspired program and send yours back!

So full of hate are you, you do not recognize that we are all Americans, regardless of creed, color or party affiliations.

In conclusion, let me just say that the rest of your “spiel” is without merit, and I will just allow it to go unanswered.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach


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