Letter: GOP Policy Is Deadly

GOP policy: No gun control, no regulations and no American lives matter. GOP policy kills, as demonstrated by the current mass murder of citizens in Nevada by one American terrorist armed with a legally sold military assault weapon: 58 killed and 500-plus wounded.

This is the same shameful GOP administration that is currently insulting and neglecting Puerto Rican citizens while disease, illness and death surrounded everyone there for lack of any help or supplies for days from this administration. Whereas their favored GOP states, Florida and Texas, immediately got tons of supplies, medicine, clothes and help before the hurricanes even hit. Puerto Rican citizens are still waiting as Mr. Trump assails these suffering Americans daily with a barrage of cold-hearted insults.

I am more frightened by the extensive damage and suffering caused by GOP policy on American citizens than I ever was of any foreign terrorists.

Jude Smallwood,The Acreage