Legal Aid Services Will Assist Senior Veterans

Palm Beach County’s senior veterans now have a new advocate to help them receive the benefits to which they are entitled, and have access to basic estate planning services so that they can have the peace of mind knowing their financial and medical affairs are in order.

Through a grant from the Retirement Research Foundation, the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County now offers free legal advice, consultation and representation to veterans over age 65 in Palm Beach County in three main areas:

Benefit Advocacy — This ensures that elderly veterans have access to the care, benefits and support earned by their military service, specifically assisting senior wartime veterans, eligible survivors and women’s auxiliary service members with applying for aid and assistance, housebound services and pensions.

Justice Advocacy — This offers representation in the administrative process and challenging wrongful denials of federal and state benefits in order to seek remedies for those who unjustly received other-than-honorable military discharges.

Estate Planning & Guardianship Advocacy — This provides veterans and their families with access to simple estate and financial planning in matters such as wills and advanced directives so that they do not pass away without these essential legal and financial documents in place.

“We are excited to begin serving the legal needs of senior veterans to honor the service they have provided to our country,” said Bob Bertisch, Legal Aid’s executive director. “With the support of the Retirement Research Foundation and partners in the Palm Beach County social services network, we are helping our county’s senior veterans to access the services and benefits related to their military service that will enable them to maximize their opportunity for financial stability and self-sufficiency.”

Local veterans age 65 and older can call the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County’s Veterans Advocacy Project toll free at (800) 403-9353, ext. 366. The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, founded in 1949, is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free legal services to disadvantaged children, families, elders and individuals living in the county.