RPBHS Dancers Perform Winter Show ‘Can’t Stop This Feeling’

On Thursday, Dec. 7, the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team and the Royal Palm Beach Dancers, led by Dance Director Michele Blecher, presented their annual winter performance. This year’s performance was titled “Can’t Stop This Feeling.” Being Pearl Harbor Day, Blecher and the executive board dancers, Angelica Walker, Zahra Cummings and Arianna Sanchez, opened the program with a salute to World War II veterans with “Bugle Boy.” The show continued with 20 various dance routines from songs popular on the charts from 2000 to 2017. Outstanding routines were “Hanging Tree,” performed by the Elite members of the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team; “Dollhouse,” performed by Period 2; and nationally ranked grand champion senior Angelica Walker dancing to “Everything Changes.” Blecher also incorporated solos for Zahra Cummings and Jasmine Hoffman. More than 100 dancers performed.