Letter: Keep Away From My Money

Responding to Jude Smallwood’s letter (New Tax Plan Is Akin To Treason, Nov. 24), where he says, “How can we ignore the GOP attempt to legislate the transference of money and power to the wealthy.”

I wasn’t sure if I should vomit or cry. Last time I checked, it was “I” (and everyone I know who works) who earned the money that the writer is referring to as a “transfer of wealth.” That the government requires employers to withhold taxes from earned wages, as earned, might be considered an actual transfer of wealth (i.e, my wealth — if you want to call it that — transferred to the government). But OK, I’ll pay my fair share.

That Jude refers to “allowing” working Americans to keep a greater share of their hard-earned wages as a “transfer of wealth” is really a very backward view of how our country was intended to work. When did Americans commit to working 8 hours a day just so their wages could be confiscated by the government and doled out to people like Jude? That is, in fact, an actual transfer of wealth. Taking from the earner and distributing to people like Jude or those deemed worthy. The more money workers are allowed to keep, the more they spend (keeping people employed) and the more they donate to help those in need.

To Jude, I say — get your hand out of my pocket and go earn your own money. If you don’t think the government has confiscated enough money from those of us who work, by all means, please reach into your own pocket and send them more. There is no law preventing any citizen that thinks the government needs more money from sending more. Please call the Bureau of Fiscal Service (800-826-9434) and they will direct you where to send your cash or how to establish a Direct Deposit.

Lainie Guthrie, Royal Palm Beach