Letter: Stop Runway Expansion At Flying Cow

There is a crisis looming over our village. A dangerous airspace conflict over everyone’s head and increased noise pollution is only a pen’s stroke away.

Sun Glades Point, our subdivision, is particularly in jeopardy because of our unique location directly in the approach and departure patterns of the proposed jet airport known as Flying Cow Ranch. In the case of our home, farm and equestrian school, we are 800 feet from the proposed runway extension. This means we can expect jet aircraft operating less than 100 feet directly overhead at any time day or night, to the detriment of our family’s and horses’ existence.

The existing 1,800-foot gravel landing strip is of no concern and only becomes problematic with the extension and paving project, which will introduce the disturbance and danger to the right of peaceful use of our property.

The introduction of a high-speed landing and departing traffic pattern is certain to cause conflict with the existing traffic from the Aero Club. This creates a high probability of midair collision and aircraft falling from the sky, since both airports will be uncontrolled.

The Wellington Village Council can easily prevent the denigration of our quality of life with a simple “no” vote. There is no place in the Equestrian Preserve Area for this aberrant, non-conforming activity.

James S. Belden, DVM, Wellington


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