Letter: Let Courts Do What Political System Can’t

Horrors like Stoneman-Douglas will continue to happen until there are legislative solutions to the problems of access to military-grade weapons and gun ownership by mentally disturbed individuals. Sadly, legislative solutions will not happen as long as the NRA continues to be able to buy lawmakers with millions in campaign contributions. So here’s a thought on how to stem the money flow: Organizations can be prosecuted for criminal behavior, just as individuals can, so indict the NRA for — or as an accessory to — negligent homicide, for continuing to take actions that it reasonably should know, from past events, will cause unlawful deaths. If convicted, have the courts issue restraint orders against political contributions. Similar charges could be placed against Wayne LaPierre and other NRA bigwigs, possibly landing them in jail. Let the legal system take over where the political system has failed so badly. The deaths of our children cry out for justice.

Jay Schleifer, Wellington