Letter: Support For Fred Pinto

Citizens of Royal Palm Beach: March 13 is a very critical day. We must come out to choose wisely for our community, our families and ourselves. Our current mayor, Fred Pinto, has been involved in sound decision making and strong leadership since 2003. Under his leadership, we have enjoyed 15 years of improvement to our beloved community. We must continue to support and work with our mayor to bring about continued progress for our village.

Throughout his years of service to our village, Pinto has been a proponent of citizen communication. Comments, concerns and questions regarding village issues are always welcome at council meetings.

Understanding that all citizens may not be able to attend such meetings, the mayor has created an online communication link called “The Mayor’s Vector.” This notification system is accessible through the village web site. Citizens can sign up to be informed via e-mail or text about agenda items for upcoming council meetings, actions taken by the council at previous meetings, Royal Palm Beach calendar events and other pertinent village news. Citizens are also encouraged to e-mail the mayor any comments or questions they may have. Greater accessibility helps us to make our voices heard so that our mayor can act on our behalf.

Pinto was instrumental in establishing the Annual Citizens Summit for feedback on plans that the council is considering. All those who subscribe to the Mayor’s Vector were invited to attend this past year’s event. Close to 100 residents participated. This is yet another example of community support and collaboration with our mayor, who strives for continued progress.

On March 13, we must communicate our desires for our village. We must choose a leader who is capable and well-equipped to keep us on the right path. We must choose to vote for Fred Pinto!

Michael Rose, Royal Palm Beach


  1. rpb resident:
    Here is a pastor standing up for a man who has been charged with beating his wife. At best he is counseling him on his actions and helping him to become a more righteous man. What does his congregation think of him letting a sinner sit as the mayor?

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