Letter: Santamaria Joins Police And Firefighters In Endorsing Pinto

It is very easy for me to again join the police and the firefighters in endorsing our proven strong Royal Palm Beach leader for mayor. Again, I agree with the police association’s endorsement of Mayor Fred Pinto, stating that they “respect the strong and efficient enforcement of our laws.”

I also agree with the endorsement of the firefighters/paramedics stating that “It is the intent of our organization to ensure quality candidates in elected offices. You’ve demonstrated that you can lead and that you are not afraid to do so. The residents of the Village of Royal Palm Beach are fortunate to have someone like you who has worked tirelessly for their interests. We look forward to working with you.”

Both the police and the firefighters/paramedics are very familiar with the mayor of Royal Palm Beach, having to work with him and all elected officials on a daily basis. Having lived in Royal Palm Beach for over 40 years, raising all my three children (two are lawyers and one computer specialist), I have been involved in everything involving our beautiful community, I know every square inch of our village, I know who can be trusted and who cannot be trusted. I know Mayor Fred Pinto is someone we can all trust and who always speaks the truth and will continue to protect the safety and quality of life that we have been enjoying in Royal Palm Beach.

Unfortunately, the other candidate’s past record proves that she cannot be trusted. Dave Swift, a longtime former Royal Palm Beach councilman who beat her in two prior elections has made the following statements: (1) “Martha Webster actually voted to allow commercial development on the water treatment plant property.” (This property is adjacent to hundreds of homes in the Saratoga and Madison Green communities. All village residents were outraged and totally objected to Martha’s proposal!); (2) “Martha Webster attempted to weaken the Office of Inspector General, making it harder for the inspector general to investigate local governments.”

Martha Webster is an opportunist who will lie during her many attempts to get elected. She has already lost four elections by landslides to Dave Swift, Matty Mattioli, and Fred Pinto, who beat her by over 1,300 votes in the 2016 election for mayor. During that year, Martha ran on a campaign based on numerous lies about the RaceTrac application. (1) Martha knowingly lied that RaceTrac on Southern Blvd. would lower home values in Royal Palm Beach. Now that it’s built, has anyone’s home value gone down? (2) Martha lied that RaceTrac would be ugly with outrageous colors. Now built, RaceTrac is the most attractive and clean gasoline/convenience building in Royal Palm Beach! (3) Martha lied that, as county commissioner, I voted against approving a RaceTrac in the Lantana/Haverhill corner. The truth is that I voted to approve that RaceTrac! (4) Martha lied saying the majority of Royal Palm Beach residents opposed RaceTrac. The truth is the great majority of RPB residents supported RaceTrac and voted for Fred Pinto for mayor that same year! Martha Webster has no problem lying or expanding on anything, including the minor incident between Fred and his wife.

Now more than ever, Royal Palm Beach needs a proven, strong and honest mayor, who, together with the police and the firefighters/paramedics, will continue to be strong and efficient in keeping our homes, streets and schools safe, while maintaining our cherished quality of life.

Jess R. Santamaria, Royal Palm Beach

Editor’s note: A longtime resident of Royal Palm Beach, Mr. Santamaria served on the Palm Beach County Commission from 2006 to 2014.