Letter: ITID Must Act To Expose Voter Fraud

In their fight to save our roadways from the greedy developer of Westlake, it appears that the Indian Trail Improvement District Board of Supervisors is merely swatting flies. ITID and the residents it serves have a lot to lose in this struggle. I suggest that everyone get to the root of the problem, and that is the Seminole Improvement District’s illegal vote for the incorporation of Westlake.

There are no residents living in the boundaries of the Seminole Improvement District and there never were. The facts that support this conclusion are readily available to everyone. To protect the interests of the residents they serve, the ITID Board of Supervisors should immediately direct their attorneys to officially report the fraudulent voters and all parties who participated in the fraud that is Westlake to the Florida Department of State Division of Elections. Once the Westlake incorporation is invalidated, the developer will have no choice but to return to the over-generous development limits set for them by the Board of County Commissioners.

It is a criminal dereliction of duty for the Supervisor of Elections, the State Attorney’s Office and our county commissioners to allow this fraud to occur and continue unabated. What possible benefit to these elected officials would justify the willful participation in a cover-up of this sort of criminal behavior?

Anne Kuhl, The Acreage