Letter: Don’t Hurt The Little Guy/Gal

In response to Mr. Jude Smallwood’s comments about Publix (Goodbye Traitor Publix; Hello Trader Joe’s, June 1) and who top executives donate money to, please understand that this is a very hard­working employee-owned company.

Cashiers at Publix do not collect monies for political candidates; they collect for nonprofit organizations such as the United Way, the March of Dimes, the Children’s Miracle Network, the Special Olympics and local food banks. Employees, at the direction of their managers, help our communities at large. By not shopping at the cleanest, friendliest, highest-quality grocer in town, it only punishes your families and the dedicated working employees that depend on bonuses, retirement plans and the occasional raise.

So complain if you choose, shop other grocers if you must, but remember, corporate billionaire executives at the top aren’t the ones being punished, it’s the small local guy/gal and their families. And that just isn’t American at all!

J.R. Willard, Wellington