Hearing Loss: A Silent Epidemic


A review of the ever-increasing problem of hearing loss indicates that the problem is becoming an epidemic. Nearly 30 percent of the people in their 50s suffer from hearing loss. Raise the statistic to 45 percent for people in their 60s. And in their 70s, over two-thirds have significant hearing loss.

The World Health Organization also estimates that 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults risk hearing loss — and the number increases daily.

Because of the stigma, older adults often wait seven to 10 years before seeking a hearing aid. And it’s proven that the longer one waits to overcome the problem, the greater risk of the brain losing its ability to properly translate sound.

One step forward, in 2017, Congress passed legislation to regulate over-the-counter hearing aids within three years. Good news for all!

Look the possible problem straight in the eye. Get your hearing checked now — and regularly!