Letter: Enough Is Enough On SR 7

I am not a lawyer or politician, nor have I done creative writing since college, but I needed to chime in.

Why is State Road 7 not finished? What does Northern Palm Beach have to do with our area? Why keep spending all our tax dollars?

Let’s start at the beginning. Ibis only exists because they signed an agreement with Palm Beach County to allow SR 7.

My solutions for solving this issue are as follows.

1. File suit against Ibis and West Palm beach for breach of contract for delaying SR 7, Roebuck Road and Jog Road.

2. West Palm Beach states that their concerns are pollution, so close the current SR 7 next to Ibis, as they use the road. Their traffic does not pollute? Check out all the cars and trucks that use it, especially during season.

3. Palm Beach County gives The Acreage our roads back. If we control our roads, you do not have to spend county money to upgrade our roads. We can control our roads, like you allowed Palm Beach National and Steeplechase, and block through traffic. I live on one of the roads, and Palm Beach County seldom cut my servitude or picks up trash anyway.

4. Last I checked, The Acreage, Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee Groves and Wellington have more population and voters than West Palm Beach. If our politicians cannot get this solved, we need to elect ones who can.

This is SR 7, so the state may need to step in and just do it!

Keith Jordano, The Acreage