Letter: Use Existing Big Box Stores For Community Space Needs

Editor’s note: The following letter is addressed to the Wellington Village Council. A copy was sent to the Town-Crier for publication.

Dear Council Members:

Over the past year, there have been significant issues and concerns that could be cured with additional space.

The recent article in the Town-Crier about not enough room at the Wellington Community Center, requiring the Wellington Seniors Club to consider capping membership (Wellington Seniors Club Change Concerns Committee Members, June 22), has been an ongoing concern, as has the second-floor location of the meeting area the seniors are expected to use.

Recent concerns over who is on our school properties is a major national concern, and placing voting precincts in schools is just inviting trouble in our divided society. Other public spaces, such as libraries, fire stations, etc. no longer are safe voting locations.

We see around America national disasters with the need for emergency shelter, and in Wellington, we do not have a sizable location, and some day we will not dodge the hurricane bullet.

So here is my “Effective Solution.” That solution is one of the empty big box stores in the mall area, such as the old Circuit City store. It’s approximately 33,000 square feet of air-conditioned space, restroom facilities in place, electrical run through the floors and everything else needed to create flexible community space.

It would meet the needs of our growing senior population, as it cures the problems they have at the community center. Not only would they have a place to meet, but also a place for senior recreation.

Regarding voting concerns in our increasingly divisive world, placing all Wellington voting precincts in one location allows far greater security then having them spread all through Wellington. The mall is basically in the center of Wellington, so it is quickly accessible to all.

Regarding an emergency housing location, again the location is perfect due to it being on two major arteries with quick access to Wellington Regional Medical Center.

Our village manager loves to use the term “thinking outside of the box.” In this case, we are thinking out of the big box. I would be proud to assist in this effort.

Mike Nelson, President, Effective Solutions, Wellington


  1. Thank you Mike Nelson!
    Your idea is spot on. The Village should immediately retain you to negotiate for those 2 Big Boxes. They are conveniently located and would be wonderful assets of the community.

    Also, the seniors deserve a dedicated space. I don’t know who Mr. Trager is but he can’t shut out and practice discrimination against our seniors. Shame on him.

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