WES Participates In All-County Orchestra

(Front row) Nathan Bautista, Gaven Lesser, music teacher and orchestra director Joshua Lennox, and Matthew Judah; (back row) Isabella Czempinski, Leonardo Alvarez and Grace Essery.

Recently, students from the Wellington Elementary School orchestra were selected to participate in the All-County Orchestra. WES was one of seven elementary schools selected. The orchestra was under the direction of Sarah Morrison, the director of the Florida Youth Orchestra in Orlando.

The WES orchestra played four pieces. It was a great, organized event, and it brought the school community together. It was also the first elementary school All-County Orchestra concert in 40 years.

The students who participated were fifth graders Grace Essery, Gavin Lesser, Isabella Czempinski and Nathan Bautista, and fourth graders Leonardo Alvarez and Matthew Judah. Wellington Elementary School is very proud of the orchestra students selected.