WRMC Reunites Patient With Emergency Crew That Saved His Life

Wellington Regional Medical Center hosted a “Call of the Quarter” celebration on Friday, May 25 to recognize Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue’s Engine/Rescue 34 for their continued service to the community and reunite the crew with a patient they recently provided lifesaving care.

On March 20, PBCFR responded to the home of 72-year-old Dennis South, who was unresponsive, pale and profusely sweating. EMS workers quickly assessed the patient and performed two 12-lead EKGs, which confirmed he was having a heart attack.

The emergency workers alerted WRMC and a “STEMI call” was initiated. This alert set the hospital team into action, where they prepared for the patient’s arrival and immediate transport to the cardiac catheterization lab.

The patient’s care was directed by emergency physician Dr. Jacob Chachkes, and the cardiac catheterization was performed by interventional cardiologist Dr. Scott Midwall.

After his recovery, Dennis South and his wife Leila returned to WRMC last Friday to thank the EMS crew who helped save his life.