Linda Edgecomb Returns To Golden Grove As Principal

Linda Edgecomb

This fall, Linda Edgecomb will celebrate her 31st year in the education field while beginning her new role as principal of Golden Grove Elementary School in The Acreage.

She takes over the role from Dr. Adam Miller. After five years at Golden Grove, Miller is now the school district’s new director of educational technology.

A longtime Royal Palm Beach resident, Edgecomb began her career as a teacher and taught students in Palm Beach County for 17 years.

In 2005, Edgecomb took on her first administrative job because she wanted to have a larger impact on children and also support teachers.

“I started as a teacher, and then eventually wanted to make a bigger impact, so I then decided to go into administration,” she said.

In fact, Edgecomb began her administrative career at Golden Grove Elementary School, where she served as assistant principal for five years.

She explained that, though her daily responsibilities are different than that of a teacher, she leads by example thanks to her coworkers and administrators in the past.

“I’ve had such wonderful experiences and have worked with such great people,” Edgecomb said. “I have been inspired by all of the administrators and teachers that I have worked with. They have shaped my leadership. I have a little bit of all of them in me.”

After serving as principal at Glade View Elementary School for eight years, Edgecomb is happy to be back in the western communities.

“I grew up in the Glades, and as always, you grow up and want to give back to your community,” she said. “So, I went back for eight years and had some amazing successes. But I also live in the Royal Palm Beach area, so it was time to come back home.”

Edgecomb’s success at Glade View, she explained, was mainly due to encouraging active parent participation, which is something she hopes to work on at Golden Grove as well.

“It takes all of us; it truly does take a village. I think a lot of parents who are working and trust us with their kids are also always looking for [ways to get involved],” she said. “And there are a lot of things that parents can do after school and at events. What we have to do is always have the doors of communication open so that we can all work together.”

Edgecomb hopes to continue serving as a resource for parents who are looking to help teachers and administrators in providing the best quality education for students.

“I don’t know if I necessarily expect much to be different here,” she said in comparing her current post to her last assignment. “I think it’s an overall different demographic, but I still expect students to have high academic achievement, for parents to be involved and for teachers to provide high quality education to all students. I’m truly just here to be a servant to the school, and my passion is to help students thrive and to make sure I’m here for parents and staff members.”

Along with supporting parents, teachers and students, Edgecomb will go into her first year as principal of Golden Grove prioritizing school safety.

“Safety is absolutely the number-one priority. We have already been looking at the perimeters and entry points of Golden Grove,” she said. “I have looked at the safety measures that have been put in place already and those things we still need to make safer. I have been working with our school board members on those issues. We have to make sure that safety is the first priority now, in light of the tragic events that have occurred in our state and in our country.”

Edgecomb is excited to step into the legacy left by Miller.

“Dr. Miller and I became principals at the same time, and we both started out in the Glades,” she said. “There are a lot of good systems already in place at Golden Grove, and I think one of the more rewarding parts about coming back for me was the warm welcome from parents and staff members. I feel that we are going to continue Dr. Miller’s work and elevate it in order to make sure no child falls in between the cracks and that everyone is meeting their academic potential.”

Edgecomb looks forward to continuing her career as an administrator and principal. For her, education is truly a cherished family affair. Her husband is Palm Beach Central High School Principal Darren Edgecomb.

“My husband and I are going into our 30th year of marriage,” she said. “We are very transparent with each other and support one another’s initiatives at our separate schools. We constantly bounce ideas off each other; it’s what we do and who we are.”

In fact, the family tradition will continue.

“Both of our daughters are also going to be working in education, as our oldest is a teacher and our youngest is in school studying to be a guidance counselor,” Edgecomb said. “At the end of the day, for us, it’s all about improving overall child achievement.”