Letter: Strong Support For Maxine Cheesman

In the upcoming Aug. 28 election for Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge Group 18, I strongly support Maxine Cheesman and urge all my fellow voters to do the same. Maxine is an honest, hardworking, dedicated public servant who is not only loaded with potential, but also has strong moral values and great work ethics.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that she is the most qualified candidate to replace retiring Judge Peter Blanc.

Maxine’s exemplary conduct throughout this campaign is a testimony to her impeccable integrity. She will be a highly respectable and trusted circuit court judge, and we are lucky to have her. Our conversations/communications have been very constructive.

The exchanges between the three candidates have been pleasant, and they seem to have a lot in common. However, Marybel Coleman and Joseph Maryuma come across as being jealous of Maxine Cheesman’s scholastic achievements and varied experience.

Maryuma believes that being in court frequently makes him uniquely qualified for the job. I beg to differ.

Unfortunately, Coleman exercised extremely poor judgment when she had an affair with one of her clients while representing him in his divorce. What were they thinking?

Coleman’s integrity is at stake, and these two adults should have been aware of the devastating consequences such an affair could have on both families.

Such a relationship violates the ethical rules of the Florida Bar, and as an attorney, Coleman knew she was in violation of the rules and sadly has lost the trust of many voters. She should do the honorable thing and withdraw from the race.

Attorneys, doctors, ministers and especially judges are held in very high esteem, and their moral and ethical standards should be beyond reproach.

She and Maryuma’s hearts are in the right place, but sadly, she lacks credibility, and it’s too early for her to be seeking such high office because of her infidelity is fresh in the minds of the voters.

Maryuma is not quite ready, but I am sure his day will come.

In Group 13, my vote goes to Scott Kerner, who hails from a family of dedicated public servants. I remember his brother Dave telling me on the day he was sworn in as a county commissioner that he would not let me down; so far, he hasn’t.

In Group 25, my vote is for Michael McAuliffe. As state attorney, who can forget him taking on the gangs and bad guys, and his support for the Office of the Inspector General. McAuliffe told me once, don’t just write to your commissioner, write to all seven and encourage them to support the OIG.

I saved the best for last. You guessed it, Maxine Cheesman. On Aug. 28, I will be saying cheese and cheers to Cheesman, and I urge the voters of Palm Beach County to please join me in voting for Maxine.

Karl Witter, The Acreage