Letter: Facts About Polo North

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the article “Developer Presents Plan For Polo Club North Homes” published last week.

The property in question was never a nine-hole executive course. It was six holes of the original Wellington 18-hole golf course. That’s why our street is named “The 12th Fairway.” We were the 12th hole on the original course.

It was part of the original golf course that attracted a lot of us to buy our homes in Wellington in what, at the time, was touted to be a golf course development under construction.

As it turns out, Glenn Straub acquired the Palm Beach Polo property and abandoned the six holes on this side of Forest Hill Blvd., inasmuch as he had no rights to control the perimeter properties.

I’m sure the Wellington Historical Society can provide you with the accurate details about this property from inception to today.

Joseph Manning, Wellington