Letter: Time To Put Cheesman Over The Top

Congratulations to Maxine Cheesman on her victory in the Aug. 28 election for Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge in Group 18.

At a gathering on election night, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting “magnificent Maxine,” others in attendance, included public officials past and present, not to mention some of her energized campaign volunteers and many lively supporters — special mention to Dr. Winston and Rhonda Ferrin Davis also Brian and Maryanne Hanley.

The atmosphere was quite electrifying, and I must say that I was quite humbled by the many supporters who told me just how much they enjoy reading my letters in the Town-Crier and encouraged me to continue writing.

Let me take this opportunity to thank each and every voter who voted for Maxine Cheesman. Kudos to you all. Your vote means a lot to her and is sincerely appreciated, I am sure.

Those of you informed voters who did not vote for Cheesman, or did not vote at all, shame on you.

Unfortunately, because she did not receive the required 50 percent of the vote, which I see as a miscarriage of justice, she now has to do a runoff with the second-place finisher, Marybel Reinoso Coleman.

I find the election result quite astonishing when you compare the candidates. To compare someone of Maxine’s caliber to her opponent his like comparing chalk to cheese, no pun intended.

I have said many times that many running for elected office rely heavily on the uninformed American voters. I am appalled that so much ignorance exists among voters, not only in Palm Beach County, but nationwide.

On many occasions, I have ruffled many feathers, elected officials and others, but I make no apology for stating facts. I stand by my every word.

We must all remember that criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body; it draws attention to an unhealthy state of things.

Finally, America is a nation that believes in second chances, so those voters who did not vote for Maxine Cheesman on Aug. 28 will get a second chance to do so on Nov. 6.

I said cheese and cheers on Aug. 28 and look forward to saying it again Nov. 6.

Voters of Palm Beach County: let’s do it again. Please join me in voting for Maxine Cheesman, let’s make the second time around even better than the first, giving her the victory she so richly deserves in Group 18.

Karl Witter, The Acreage