WRMC First In Florida To Use SuperDimension With Fluoroscopic Navigation

Wellington Regional Medical Center recently became the first hospital in Florida to utilize the Medtronic superDimension system with Fluoroscopic Navigation technology. The upgraded technology enables a physician to better visualize the targeted area and find lung tumors sooner.

“The superDimension navigation system allows me to use a minimally invasive approach to access difficult-to-reach areas of the lung, which can aid in the diagnosis of lung disease,” said Dr. Mark Meyer, a thoracic surgeon at WRMC. “Fluoroscopic navigation is a significant advancement in the SuperD system that enhances the visualization of the targeted area, thereby maximizing accuracy and tissue diagnosis.”

Using a patient’s CT scan, the latest superDimension planning software generates a 3D virtual bronchial tree and lets physicians map pathways aligned with the patient’s anatomy to reach pulmonary targets that are used during an Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) procedure. This virtual roadmap allows physicians to navigate and steer a catheter to the target quickly and accurately.

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