Letter: Elect Maxine Cheesman To Circuit Court

On Nov. 6, we will be electing a circuit court judge for Group 18. Someday we might find ourselves appearing in front of that judge. That is why I am supporting Maxine Cheesman as the best candidate for Group 18.

Most importantly, all judges need to have demonstrated that they are self-disciplined by a well-developed internal ethical code that manifests itself in high standards of professional competence, trustworthiness and personal morality.

Most of us know very little about the candidates running for circuit court judge. Regretfully, I must direct your attention to the Palm Beach Post news articles dated Aug. 6, 2018 and Aug. 17, 2018, in which judicial candidate Marybel Reinoso Coleman, also running for this seat, “admitted that she had sex with a client in 2013, while representing him in a divorce.” She failed to self-disclose this fact to the Judicial Nominating Commission when she applied for a judicial appointment.

In the November election, there is another candidate, and the winner of the recent primary, Maxine Cheesman. She is a solo practitioner with experience in the required fields of law. She is a lawyer with an impeccable professional record. She also has a master’s of science degree in organic chemistry and was a former director with the South Florida Water Management District. Her scientific approach will also help her on the bench.

Maxine Cheesman has been endorsed by two major newspapers The Palm Beach Post and the Sun-Sentinel, as the best choice for circuit court judge.

As citizens, we have an opportunity to elect Maxine Cheesman to the circuit court bench. She is the most qualified candidate based on her resume, academics, demonstrated personal and professional ethics, and good judgement over many decades as a resident of Palm Beach County.

In my opinion, good moral character is a relevant characteristic when deciding who we entrust with the enormous power of being a judge. We need to elect judges like Maxine Cheesman. Remember, just “Say Cheese.”

Vinnie Perrin, Royal Palm Beach