Get Rid Of So-Called ‘Pink Tax’ On Women’s Items


Yes, it’s true — statistically, women pay more for the same thing some 42 percent of the time.

In 2015, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs compared about 800 industries, like kids’ toys, kids’ clothing, adult clothing, home healthcare for seniors and personal cars. Statistically, the ladies shelled out 7 percent more. In personal care items, it was 13 percent.

In California, Congresswoman Jackie Speier proposed a “pink tax repeal” that would allow the Federal Trade Commission to enforce regulations against overcharged women.

This sure sounds fair to me. You can join the appeal by contacting your local congressional representatives and urge them to support the Pink Tax Repeal Act.

Meanwhile, when buying at a store, consider purchasing the “male option.” That most likely costs less!